Engage your audience with interactive design

Beyond Print: Engage Your Audience with Interactive Design

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then the value of an interactive design – one that engages its viewer in a branded experience – is immeasurable. Below are our top 3 reasons to make your business-related graphics interactive.

1. Tell a Complex Story

Interactive design presents complex information in easy to understand bite-size visuals. When you have to share complex information, engaging your reader in a visual thought process can facilitate both understanding and retention. When they need to know more, they can easily drill down to discover new information on a given topic. Clicking on images and watching what happens next is emotionally engaging. Interactive design is also empowering since the viewer can choose the course of action. The longer they spend with the information, the more likely they are to remember it, and likewise your business or brand.

See an example of our latest interactive presentation – created with HTML5 – that we created for Chronovos to help them land a major client.

2. Get More Than a Glance

Getting your audiences attention online requires the ability to be eye-catching and entertaining. And there isn’t much time to do so with the short attention spans that result from present-day fragmented viewing habits. Draw your viewer in by telling a visual story. Entertain with graphics that are lively, animated, thoughtful. It’s well documented that people will spend 3 times longer watching video than just text, and that video posts have over 130% greater organic search than a photo post. Animated explainer videos have grown by nearly 100% this year and there is no signs that this growth is slowing down anytime soon.

Check out our Telly Award winning SAP Data Challenge video shown above on our explainer video pages to see why companies rely on us to make their videos shine.

3. Be Memorable

Following the path of an illustrated infographic is engaging and encourages a viewer to contemplate different scenarios. Today, people want information quickly and that’s why infographics are continuing to grow. Numerical statistics on their own can be dry and hard to visualize, but the numbers are important to an analytical audience as they validate claims and establish authority. Infographics empower the viewer by providing choices. Plus they are just more fun and easy to remember with the visual cues than reading the same info in paragraph format.

We have created a lot of infographics over the years and they are one of our favorite design tools.

Are you ready to up-level your graphics game? Contact the interactive experts at SAC Designs and we’ll help you SHOW and tell your story.

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