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Steve, is always ready for: the next round golf, using his great sense of humor, performing his best dance moves for everyone, and a large iced coffee with an extra shot. He also manages to transform his God given ability to produce exceptional design and animation work into a highly recognized award winning design company. Steve is obsessed with providing his customers with amazing work, and they always appreciate the extra effort. 

You may have noticed, but if not, we at SAC Designs are in love with animation. We especially love creating them, along with collaborating with clients who engage us in these endeavours, and who share our passion for this beautiful artform. The pièce de résistance being when these little wonders are presented to their intended audience. The following is a confession of our love and respect for this remarkable and memorable medium. (more…)

PART ONE (of five): A Guide to Great Animation

Seems like animation has been with us for a very long time. From prehistoric paintings on cave walls: (“Hey, Bonk, is it just my iStone or is the Cavenet really slow today?”), to the prolific use of rapidly repeating gifs, to the ultra-sophisticated dynamic storytelling motion graphics of today, animation has always been a part of the human experience and always will be. (more…)

2018 has been a busy year for SAC Designs. We’ve accomplished a lot this year and gone through a few changes. It’s been exciting working with our existing clients and getting to work with new ones. We’re happy to share with you SAC Design’s 2018.

There are times that stand out beyond the regular day to day moments of graphic designers. They are moments of stress as vast as space and annoyance that continues past infinity. Moments that lay in the shadows. Moments that lurk in the darkest pit of a designer’s worst fears. Designers go through their lives wishing and hoping to never experience these moments, but they are as inevitable as the setting of the sun. The following seven graphic design horror stories will bring very real, terrifying nightmares to graphic designers everywhere.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then the value of an interactive design – one that engages its viewer in a branded experience – is immeasurable. Below are our top 3 reasons to make your business-related graphics interactive. (more…)

Lucia Conchello is a talented and energetic designer who is always eager to push her capabilities. Her willingness to take on any type of job and develop it into the best it can be makes her a real asset to our team. Her extensive design expertise has helped SAC Designs expand our creative capabilities. (more…)

SAC Designs has been busy since day one. Based on client jobs archived on our servers, SAC has worked on at least 3,581 projects as of July 5, 2018. With so much creative talents within our team, we can accomplish a wide range of different projects. Check out the stats below to see what this motion, web, and print design studio has worked on so far. (more…)