3 Amazing HTML5 Animated Banner Ad Examples

I began my career about the time Flash animation was just becoming popular. At that time, 85% of the work we created was developed in Flash ( now adobe animate). Believe it not, I would estimate that about half of our projects involved creating Adobe Flash banner ads. We became well-versed in the Flash language, ActionScript, and became pretty well established as a Flash expert in our area. Other well known Boston design studios would often reach out to us to collaborate with them on their larger Flash projects.

In April 2010, Apple stopped supporting Flash, and a few years later other web browsers began to follow. Slowly, Flash banner ads were soon being replaced by static images or animated GIFs. At one point it felt like the technology was moving backwards, and for the next few years publications would not accept HTML banner ads.

HTML5 is the Future of Banner Advertisements

Over the last few years we have become more and more involved in HTML5 animation. Everything we once developed in Adobe Flash we now create with HTML5 animation. It’s pretty amazing what HTML5 can accomplish with animation. Over the last year or so, publications started to embrace HTML5 animated banner advertisements because of the seamless integration with desktop, tablet devices and mobile phones. Today, we have been developing more and more animation with HTML5 than ever before. Below are some samples of our latest banner ads.

Do you have questions about HTML5 banner ad development or need help creating your HTML5 banner ads? Give us a call: 617 209 2201 or email us at Info@sacdzn.com

Direxion banner advertisements

We teamed up with Viewpoint Creative and really pushed the boundaries with the HTML5 banner ads. For this client, we created a series of 20 plus interactive banner animations, in multiple file sizes and specifications. This particular type of animated banner advertisement is not seen a lot, because of the complexity, and we are proud to show off the completed result. We created another series of advertisements for Direxion that you can find here.

Find Mass Money

If you are local to Boston and Massachusetts, you may have seen the advertisements encouraging you to claim lost money that you may not have realized you had. Well, we were lucky enough to work with local design studio Pinkergreen and Mass.gov to help animate these banner advertisements. We managed to get quite a bit of animation into these banners while still being able to meet the publication specifications. When it comes down to getting the most out of your animated banners, we’re the experts.

SalemFive Bank

We have been partnering up with Hatch Marketing for years now, helping them with all types of animations and designs. Our latest campaign that we worked on for them was for SalemFive, helping them to develop a series of email blasts, 15 second video advertisements, and a series of interactive collapsible banner ads.

These are just a few of of the banner ads we have been developing and we have a lot more that we would be happy to share (just ask us!) We love animation projects and are glad to be able to continue to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies to accomplish great results for our clients. If you need help producing design animation that stands out from the rest, give us a call at 617-209-2201 or email us at info@sacdzn.com

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