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PART TWO (of five): A Guide to Great Animation

Over the last 8 years or so there has been a lot of discussion on the best way to create animation on the web, Flash or HTML. But, recently we learned some sad news that Adobe announced that Flash will officially be no longer by 2020.


SAC Designs has been busy since day one. Based on client jobs archived on our servers, SAC has worked on at least 3,581 projects as of July 5, 2018. With so much creative talents within our team, we can accomplish a wide range of different projects. Check out the stats below to see what this motion, web, and print design studio has worked on so far. (more…)

Steven Cotroneo, the president of SAC Designs, just got featured in @Bostonvoyager Magazine as one of Boston’s hidden gems.

I began my career about the time Flash animation was just becoming popular. At that time, 85% of the work we created was developed in Flash ( now adobe animate). Believe it not, I would estimate that about half of our projects involved creating Adobe Flash banner ads. We became well-versed in the Flash language, ActionScript, and became pretty well established as a Flash expert in our area. Other well known Boston design studios would often reach out to us to collaborate with them on their larger Flash projects. (more…)

Online video advertising has doubled in growth and is on course to disrupt TV advertising in the next few years. (more…)