National Geographics online advertisment

National Geographic Online Ads

Online video advertising has doubled in growth and is on course to disrupt TV advertising in the next few years.

Its hard to believe that the first online ad appeared in 1994 and by June 2012, 11 billion ads were streaming online. With today’s fast-paced technology, people don’t have time to sift through piles of information to get what they are looking for.

That’s why banner ads are a great way to quickly capture your audience’s attention. Anything is possible with banner ads, from video take overs to customized video players to interactive ads.

What better way to celebrate the holiday session than being asked to help out National Geographic with their latest food TV series? We were honored to work with Viewpoint Creative, Mullen advertising and NatGeo to help create this series of ads for the 3-day series called “Eat.”

See the National Geographic ads.


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