Nationwide explainer video and HTML 5 banner animations

Nationwide explainer video, HTML5 banner animation and email campaign

We often partner up with other design companies and businesses when they are looking to utilize the latest trends in video animation and HTML5 animation design. 360 Communications and Nationwide came to us for help with one of their biggest initiatives yet. It was an honor to work with them on their latest financial and retirement campaign. These deliverables consisted of nine unique HTML5 banner ads, three two-minute explainer videos and nine responsive email blasts. Take a look below and feel free to contact us with any questions. If you like these examples, check out our latest HTML5 animations.

HTML banner ad campaigns

We knew that HTML5 banner animations have been gaining popularity over the years, but this has been our biggest banner ad deliverable yet. The reason HTML banner ads are becoming so popular is because they reach virtually anyone on any device. Nationwide recognized the potential to reach a wider audience using HTML banner ads. We created over 250 banners for Nationwide! This included nine campaigns, each of them having multiple sizes for different publications.


Explainer video

Along with the banner ads, SAC Designs was asked to create three two-minute explainer videos to demonstrate the complicated idea of  stocks, bonds and retirement funds in a simple, clean and visually engaging way that was easy to understand. The goal was to get viewers to take a look at Nationwide Funds and contact them for more information. This campaign was a joint success for Nationwide, 360 Communications and SAC Designs. We are proud to have been able to work on this project, delivering all the videos and banner ads within a two month timeframe that went well beyond everyone’s expectations.