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Magazine Design for ACI Worldwide

We have created thousands of marketing-related pieces for our client, ACI Worldwide, and this recent magazine design is just one of them. SAC Designs was asked to push the boundaries of ACI’s brand style guides to create a custom look for the companies bi-annual magazine, ACI Worldwide Payments, in order to show off their range of capabilities. The completed magazine consisted of custom illustrations, infographics and photography.

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Inside Payments Magazine cover and table of contentsClose up of ACI Worldwide Inside Payments magazine spreadACI Worldwide Inside Payments magazine back cover and article page turning



Nationwide explainer video, HTML5 banner animation and email campaign

We often partner up with other design companies and businesses when they are looking to utilize the latest trends in video animation and HTML5 animation design. 360 Communications and Nationwide came to us for help with one of their biggest initiatives yet. It was an honor to work with them on their latest financial and retirement campaign. These deliverables consisted of nine unique HTML5 banner ads, three two-minute explainer videos and nine responsive email blasts. Take a look below and feel free to contact us with any questions. If you like these examples, check out our latest HTML5 animations.

HTML banner ad campaigns

We knew that HTML5 banner animations have been gaining popularity over the years, but this has been our biggest banner ad deliverable yet. The reason HTML banner ads are becoming so popular is because they reach virtually anyone on any device. Nationwide recognized the potential to reach a wider audience using HTML banner ads. We created over 250 banners for Nationwide! This included nine campaigns, each of them having multiple sizes for different publications.


Explainer video

Along with the banner ads, SAC Designs was asked to create three two-minute explainer videos to demonstrate the complicated idea of  stocks, bonds and retirement funds in a simple, clean and visually engaging way that was easy to understand. The goal was to get viewers to take a look at Nationwide Funds and contact them for more information. This campaign was a joint success for Nationwide, 360 Communications and SAC Designs. We are proud to have been able to work on this project, delivering all the videos and banner ads within a two month timeframe that went well beyond everyone’s expectations.

Protagonist Consulting Group Branding and Website Development

Over the last few years, SAC Designs has been helping local businesses around Stoneham MA and the Boston area to boost their online presence, increase rankings and convert more leads to sales. When Rob Salafia from the Protagonist Consulting Group came to us for a refined brand identity and complete website refresh, we did the same. Just as Rob does with his executive coaching, we stepped forward, focused our attention, and aimed high!

Along with designing a clean, bright, easy to navigate new website, we also updated all social media channels to present a unified online presence. You can view the full PCG site at http://protagonistconsulting.com/



UNFI – Responsive Website

In order to help UNFI gain prospective customers, suppliers and career seekers, we designed a clean, energetic, modern and easy-to-manage website to better reflect UNFI’s brand principles. We also developed extensive style guides to provide a seamless process from design to programming, detailing everything from Hex color to rollover and animation. See the UNFI website in action.


Bi-Sam – Banking Application

We created a fully functional application for Bi-Sam, a leading provider of sophisticated digital financial solutions for performance, attribution, risk, GIPS compliance and reporting. We worked closely with the Bi-Sam team to help customize their user interface (UI) for easy navigation across a complicated application, and to create custom icons and symbols, drop down navigations, interactive charts and diagrams as well as a 33-page style guide for future development. See more marketing design!


Nimblebot – SMFA Animated Explainer Video

SAC Designs teamed up with Nimblebot to create an animated explainer video to help promote the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Nimblebot supplied the art and we animated up a storm. The goal of the video was to showcase SMFA’s program offerings and the students’ freedom to chart their own course. The animation was all done in After Effects using a mix of puppeting and inverse kinematics rigs. The end result is sure to turn some heads. See more of our cool explainer videos.


Market Watch Mobile Application

Genscape wanted to create a client-facing app to host reports, alerts and news, and present this complex information in a clean, edgy, easy-to-digest way. We worked closely with Genscape to help develop the user interface (UI) design and fully developed prototypes for all pages of the app such as  for the login, navigation, splash, and report page. See more marketing design!






Nimblebot – Fight for the Future Explainer Video

We know how to pack a punch when it comes to kickass explainer videos. SAC Designs created custom illustrations and animations for a 2 minute animated explainer video for Nimblebot filled with super powered animation that put our client in the spotlight. For our latest project (for client Nimblebot), we couldn’t think of anything more fun than fighting robots! The goal of the video was to raise awareness about protecting net neutrality.  To take the story to epic proportions we created some eye-catching, hand-drawn illustrations. Then we brought them to life using a puppeting technique in After Effects, and added custom sound effects for some classic superhero style. The end result is sure to create a buzz. And bonus: this project was perfectly suited to Izak’s robot love! See more of our cool explainer videos.


IBM – SPSS Explainer Video

IBM wanted to show their SPSS predictive analytics tool and explain the importance of producing real-time insights that standard query and reporting tools just can’t match. We were asked to take a still infographic and bring it to life with unique animation and storytelling. SAC designs worked with fellow design firm Stormship to manage production, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, motion graphics design, voice over, and video production. Check out our other explainer videos.


White Rhino – SAP Animated Explainer Video

One of our favorites! We worked closely with marketing group White Rhino and SAP to create a video that described SAP’s newest application in a fun, unique way. This campaign received over 5 million impressions, and 45% of the responders downloaded a trial version. SAC Designs received a Telly Award for the video.

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