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There is a reason why the top design angencies come to us when they need explainer videos or presentation videos that makes them shine! We’ve been nominated for several design awards including VOTD.com ( Video of the day) nominated for a Telly award and have been featured at a few major football stadium, go pats! We specialize in making our clients stand out and would love to be part of your team. Please take a look at a few of our explainer videos below, contact us at info@sacdzn.com or call us 617 209 2201

AAA Travel Explainer Video
SAC Designs worked with AAA to create a 60-second explainer video for a new application they had recently launched. The goal was to promote a national campaign to help users plan vacations to millions of locations. AAA came to SAC for storyboards, script, voice over talent, illustration and animations. The video was launched March 6 at the 2015 AAA Travel Marketplace at Gillette Stadium.

SAP Data Challenge video
This video was apart of a great campaign and SAC was proud to be apart of it. oh, and it won a Telly award as well! At the famous Mordata casino the bets are going down but something isn’t adding up. Getting to the bottom of this mystery will take more than luck because in a town famous for bluffing only data can be trusted. Try your hand at the SAP Data Challenge.

Leverage the power of predictive analytics with IBM’s SPSS Explainer video
Leverage the power of predictive analytics with IBM’s SPSS explains the importance of producing realtime insights that standard query and reporting tools just can’t match. We were asked to take a still infographic and create a story for it, bring it to life, with unique animation and story telling to explain the importance of the product. SAC designs and Stormship managed the production, including the scriptwriting, motion graphics design and storyboarding, voiceover recording, and video production.

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