If you ever find yourself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, we highly recommend you search high and low for a living, breathing design pro. A good designer can always manage to get you out of any crisis. Throughout their creative careers, designers have learned extensive problem-solving skills that would certainly come in handy in the occasion of a zombie apocalypse. Read on to discover our top 7 reasons why a designer would survive a zombie apocalypse. (more…)

There are a lot of social networks out there, and more popping up every day. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a handle on them all. As a designer I spend hours searching for the right social icons to use for web or print, and once I find them I often spend a good amount of time adjusting color and size to match my designs. (more…)

From building websites functionality and appearance to coding and navigation, there are many steps to consider when designing and developing a website your prospects will love. But some factors weigh more than others. Having worked on sites for both small startups and large corporations over the years, we have developed a sweet list of essential steps to ensure a successful site. (more…)

Okay, who’s tired of the same old list of tools and applications every web designer should be using? (more…)

Design is a balancing act–a dance between a person of vision and the moment to moment world in which he or she lives. (more…)

It’s a myth that having custom explainer videos is expensive and only large corporations can afford them. (more…)

Huffington Post recently published an article about the California drought (more…)

Online video advertising has doubled in growth and is on course to disrupt TV advertising in the next few years. (more…)